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 PRINCE  "LOVESEXY" 1988   EYE NO - This 10th studio album by Prince addresses the battle between good and evil, Lovesexy and Spooky Electric and tries to justify the Black Album pull put. Lyrically that's what it is about but the musical backing is a mix of Funk, various orchestration, mismatched sounds and various yelps and screams.  This overpowers the actual message.  Not my favourite Prince track and one of the throwaways for me (1 per every genius 10 I might add!) ALPHABET ST. - The first single from the album is a sparse funky beat with sprinkles of electric guitar solos.  Complete with a Cat Glover rap, the video contains various hidden messages saying basically, "don't buy the Black Album, I'm sorry".  The song actually works and the 12" version is even better.  It is basic and unlike anything else that was around at the time.  It reached number 9 in the UK chart.  Great track. GLAM SLAM - Another criminally ignored single, only reaching