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 "STEEL BLOSSOMS" 2019   YOU'RE THE REASON I DRINK - Sara Zebley and Hayley Prosser are Steel Blossoms bringing the Country back with their self titled album.  The opening track is a jaunty, happy number that belies its pretty harsh lyrics about becoming an alcoholic thanks to a lover! These ladies kick it hard Country style but they aren't afraid of provocative lyrics.  Great opening track of classic old style Country.   REVENGE - Such a beautiful track,  almost a 60s style Progressive Rock track. There is an element of Gothic imagery with the melancholic, moody stance.  The vocals are exquisite with such emotion and its a diverse change from the opening track.  Very cool.   TRAILER NEIGHBOR - This track takes us back to Country and a quirky, humorous description of the gossiping trailer neighbour.  Its funny and a bright song with a sweet chorus and great melodies. COUNTY LINE - Another slower tempo track, and another gorgeously sung song.  It has an almost Blue