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STONEFIELD "AS ABOVE, SO BELOW" 2016   SISTER - The Aussie foursome of sisters Amy, Hannah, Holly and Sarah open up their second album with a bang.  It's an almost Gothic Progressive Rock track with its dark undertones and moody effects. Hannah does her best Ozzy doom and gloom vocals to good effect.   DREAM - Ironically this has a dreamy kind of vibe going on.  Its a 70s Psychedelic Rock ride with elements of 90s Grunge.   CHANGES - Love this track, it reminds me of Bangles with some great melodious riffs and sultry Susannah Hoffs-like vocals.  Great Pop Rock with some slightly heavier moments hidden in the track especially towards the end.  Super track and shows the girls' growing maturity and musical knowledge. LOVE - Another Bangles-type track, but a little more mellow than the previous track.  Really nice song and some pure guitar! The interplay between the guitar and keyboards is rather beautiful. STRANGER - Classic Rock track reminiscent of early Heart.