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SUPPORT LESBIENS "REGENERATION" 2001     BET MY SOUL -The song that got me hooked, it just sounded so unusual.  An almost mostly Folk Acoustic Pop with a manic Rock ending.       FISHERMAN'S FRIEND - Full of Classic Rock riffs with a slight Blues Country hint.  Great "as live" sound production.     BUBBLEBROWN - A very bluesy track with moments of Country twang throughout and some excellent atmospheric Classic Rock guitars. PLEASE LOOK AT ME -  This brings the tempo down a little, a really lovely almost Acoustic Rock ballad with lots of emotion. HER EYES -  A Pop Rock track that isn't one of my favourites, it kind of meanders along a little too much, although it has some tender moments. LET'S JUST SING - An almost Jazz Blues hybrid complete with "do do do do" singalong vocals.  The guitars are very summery and it gives off a good feeling vibe.  Let's just sing!   TEAR BUT NOT TORN - This s