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THE BESSER 3 "TIME TRAVELS " 2018     WHO'S COUNTING? - The opening track is a kind of march style song with full force.  Very dramatic and mysterious, clever off beat and off tune elements which reminds me of a soundtrack to a movie thriller.  A mix of light piano and heavier, angry chops and the Swing style slow, jagged tempo set us up for a rollercoaster ride of experiments to come. KLEZMATIZED - Uptempo foot tapping track, sounds like a real Jazz jamming session.  Gives the feeling of happiness and fun and the funky bass gives this a real lift.  Really love this track, all musicians give the impression that this was a good time! SWINGTIME OUT - Gentle, bass and piano in this real Swing Jazz chilled out track.  Minimal sounding but very casual and easy on the ears.  I can imagine being in an old style bar late at night with the band playing on stage in the cool, smokey air. STEP FIVE - Romantic and emotive sounding track, again would be a