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TEARS FOR FEARS - 1983 - 1984 (2 ALBUMS)

"THE HURTING" 1983 THE HURTING - The duo's debut album opens with a typical 80s New Wave track, sometimes sombre and mysterious with a little Progressive Rock undertones.  Nice arrangements and attention grabbing on first listen. MAD WORLD - An 80s classic in my opinion, the unmistakeable clanking percussion and the eerie vocals.  The third single from the album reaching number 3 on the UK chart.  A very mature Synth Pop/New Wave fusion with a simple but memorable chorus.   PALE SHELTER - The second single from the album and Tears For Fears' first top 10 hit reaching number 5 in the UK chart but only after a re-working and re-release.  One of my favourite tracks of the 80s and by the band.  It is a New Wave track with light, melancholic verses and a big chorus.  The harmonies and vocals are great on this.     IDEAS AS OPIATES - An atmospheric minimalist track with vocals set in the background of the music.  Medieval-like and choral at times but not a major track