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THE CORRIDORS "END OF THE TIMES"   2017     STOP THE WORLD - The opening track to the album starts with some Classic Rock guitars collaborating with almost 60s style Folk Rock harmonised vocals.  This is a hippie sounding soft ballad of the highest order.  A great track to ease you into an album of various styles, influences and genres that will make your ears pop with delight. FACE OF THE GROUND - The Smashing Pumpkins influence is clearly evident on this uptempo rocker.  There is definitely a little Progressive Rock going on as well with the slight electro sounding backing.  An uplifting and positive killer track. DELICATE CONDITION - One of my favourites, to categorise this closely, I could say it is an Echo & The Bunnymen/60s beat combo hybrid! Combining 80s early U2 guitar riffs, Electronic effects with brilliant harmonies, this is a proper chilled out foot tapper! JUST LIKE THE WAY SHE THOUGHT IT WILL BE - An atmospheric guitar ope