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THE HUMAN LEAGUE "DARE"   1981     THE THINGS THAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF - This opening track is what Kraftwerk would sound like if they rocked up.  The musical backing is pure 70s Synth Pop with a strong powerful angst ridden vocal from Philip Oakey on the catchy chorus. OPEN YOUR HEART - Great New Wave Synth Pop, a chirpy melodious backing track with a catchy chorus sung by Philip and backing singers Susan Ann Sulley and Joanne Catherall in unison.  Atmospheric and anthemic in content and a great track.  THE SOUND OF THE CROWD - The first single from this album and the the first commercial success for the band.  This always reminded me of early Gary Numan and also a little New Order.  Its like Gothic Synth Pop.  Eerie in places, powerful and its marching drumbeat keep the track pumping along.  Philip and the girls add various lyrics and chants to add to the mystery.     DARKNESS - A disappointment for me after the first three tracks.  Its basi