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THE ICICLE WORKS "THE ICICLE WORKS"   1984     CHOP THE TREE - Opens the album with a fast tempo drumbeat with lots going on in the background.  Guitar chops, electronic whirrs and atmospheric leanings which actually give you the feeling of being in a forest.  A very emotive song again hidden in the uptempo music, clever composition. LOVE IS A WONDERFUL COLOUR - From the start it had that anthemic, almost gothic, medieval sound.  The lyrics just sounded so intelligent and as a lyricist I just thought it was brilliantly written.  The song was so powerful with an emotive background that just sounded so uplifting.  One of my all time favourite songs.  I played this song on a loop for weeks!     REAPING THE RICHEST HARVEST - A kind of Gothic Rock love song.  This is almost like what The Mission would be doing in another five years time.  A beautiful emotional chorus that gives a good feeling inside. AS THE DRAGONFLY FLIES - Has a