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"REGGATTA DE BLANC" 1979     MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE - One of the first songs I heard of The Police as an 11 year old lad.  One of those songs that stay in your head.  Great guitar Pop Rock with a repetitive engaging drumbeat and pumping bass.  Add to that a catchy chorus and this couldn't fail to be a hit.  The guitar melody throughout is similar to that of Blue Oyster Cult's "Don't Fear The Reaper".     REGGATTA DE BLANC - The title track is a mostly experimental instrumental Ska/Reggae/Rock crossover with various tribal chants by Sting.  It is almost Punk sounding in parts too. IT'S ALRIGHT FOR YOU - This is a punchy pumping Punk/Mod Rock hybrid based on a repetitive drumbeat and guitar riff.  A foot tapper if nothing else. BRING ON THE NIGHT - A New Wave/Reggae Pop track, it is quirky bu pretty unremarkable. DEATHWISH - A funky Ska based track that bounces along nicely until the drums kick up a beat at around the 2