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  PRINCE AND THE REVOLUTION "AROUND THE WORLD IN A DAY" 1985 AROUND THE WORLD IN A DAY - The title track opens up this 7th album by Prince and the second official set with The Revolution.  It is a Psychedelic Pop track with various distorted backing vocals and effects that give the scene as being 60s hippie time. It's a great easy going opener that is both spiritual and experimental.   PAISLEY PARK - The second single to be lifted from the set and reaching number 18 in the UK chart.  It is more like late 60s Progressive Rock than the previous uptempo "Raspberry Beret" and surprisingly went higher.  I always liked this song, its a little off key, its sound is like nothing I heard before and the chorus is strangely catchy. CONDITION OF THE HEART - An anthemic epic Prince ballad, coming in at almost 7 minutes.  Mostly piano backing with various choral vocals.  Prince uses his full range here and for me its a little long and not up there with the best ballads by


PRINCE AND THE REVOLUTION    "PARADE" 1986 CHRISTOPHER TRACY'S PARADE - This album is also the soundtrack to Prince's second movie "Under The Cherry Moon".  This opening track is a whimsical almost fairgound sounding intro to his character.  It pretty much carries on the Psychedelic style of the previous album "Around The World In A Day" NEW POSITION - A mainly percussive track with Prince basically saying his woman needs a "new position", which we can all guess in what manner! As with a few of these tracks this is experimental and would appear fleetingly over scenes in the film. I WONDER U - A repetitive vocal fronts a strange percussive backing with a little guitar twinkling sporadically.  For some reason this album is a lot of Prince's fans' favourite, but it lacks quality songs in my opinion and is a soundtrack album with a few gems. UNDER THE CHERRY MOON - The title of the film and actually I quite like this track.  The f

PRINCE - "1999" 1982

PRINCE "1999" 1982   1999 - Prince's iconic fifth album was years ahead of its time, apart from the obvious title , this set paved the way for what was to come, the genre experimentations corssing boundaries. This opening title track was immense, it was a fun, funky, disco dancing tune.  The fact that the lyrics were incredibly dark and concerning the end of the world didn't matter.  Prince just told us to party while the workd was burning! It was Funk Synth Pop, Disco and a little New Wave.  A classic.  Everybody's got a bomb but dance! LITTLE RED CORVETTE - This was the track that got me hooked completely on the great man.   The epitomy of Prince, this was another storming track.  The fusion of Rock, Funk and Dance were to be his trademark.  Throw in the obligatory seductive lines and sexual innuendos, this was just a masterpiece.  An MTV classic and rightly so.   DELIRIOUS - A quirky, quick fire, Jazzy styled squeaky keyboards and dance beat track.  It is b


PRINCE AND THE REVOLUTION "PURPLE RAIN" 1984 LET'S GO CRAZY - It's memorable opening line, "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today..." well you all know the rest! A powerhouse of a track, blistering guitar solos and a backdrop of spiritual spoken words about God and all things religious.  Just a superb track which has many "air guitar" moments for the wannabe Rock stars, even though by their blinkered standards he was never thought of as a Rock guitarist...quite ridiculous in my opinion. TAKE ME WITH U -  A sultry Pop ballad sung with Apollonia Kotero.  Jill Jones, Wendy and Lisa sung on backing vocals to add "sexy fullness" to Apollonia's vocal.  It was released as a double A side with "Let's Go Crazy" and was often played on the radio as an alternative.  Allegedly it was going to appear on an Apollonia album.   Romantic, sultry and sexy, all in the best possible Prince taste! THE