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THE SOAPGIRLS - 2015 - 2017 (2 ALBUMS)

"CALLS FOR REBELLION" 2015 PRETEND FRIEND - The debut album from Camille and Noemie Debray, two French born, South African raised sisters on a Punk mission! This opening track is what Madonna would sound like singing 90s Grunge! Great fiery, raw opener. WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD - This is a heavier Rock track, kind of Red Hot Chili Peppers fronted by a Pat Benatar/Gwen Stefani hybrid.  Angry and rocky, brilliant. VOODOO CHILD - Black Sabbath meets the Go-Go's in this almost funky Classic Rock track.  One of my favourites. HATER - Angry real Punk Rock/Alternative Rock stomper with a great chorus, awesome track!     BLOODY - Nirvana meets Amy Studt in this 90s styled Grunge rocker with a real dark, Gothic tone hitting in at just past the 3 minute mark.  Excellent track. NYMPH - Atmospheric, deep Progressive Rock/early 70s Rock track that hints slightly at 90s Grunge. HOLD ON TIGHT - Driven by a thumping guitar and drum rhythm, this is a New Wave style Pop Pun