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TORI AMOS - 1992 -1996 (3 ALBUMS)

"LITTLE EARTHQUAKES" 1992 CRUCIFY - A piano Grunge Rock sound made this song stick in my head for weeks and got me hooked on Tori after "Silent All These Years" peaked my interest. Packs a punch with a slight drum beat and a 70s Psychedelic Rock segment and harmonising vocals.     GIRL - A little orchestration and light drumbeat as well as Tori's unmistakeable vocals and keyboard skills, it also has a kind of Progressive/Psychedelic Rock middle segment.  SILENT ALL THESE YEARS -  Its quiet minimal piano and beautiful vocals reminiscent of Sarah McLachlan and to an extent Kate Bush (although I consider Ms. Bush as a Piano Pop artist and Tori Piano Rock).  Its such a lovely song.  The video is amazing and kind of sweet too like the song itself.     PRECIOUS THINGS - This has a quicker pace, a frantic piano with a more powerful Rock drumbeat and with screeching vocal accompaniment and a range of other atmospheric vocals.  This