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KELLI ALI   "TIGERMOUTH" 2003 INFERNO HIGH LOVE - Formerly lead singer of The Sneaker Pimps, Kelli's debut album opens with this pulsating high tempo Electro track.  Think of Madonna, add a few background searing guitars and an Alternative Rock style and this is it.  Great opener!   TEARDROP HITTIN' THE GROUND - Another Electro Rock styled track, and again a catchy chorus.  It is basically Trip Hop rocked up to the hilt! Superb song. KEEP ON DREAMING -  Mesmerising, atmospheric Trip Hop that reminds the listener of Kelli's previous band and the classic album, "Becoming X". ANGEL IN L.A. - A nice enough slow Electonic Pop ballad but its not as punchy and attention grabbing as the first three tracks. HERE COMES THE SUMMER - This is a beautifully sung New Wave Pop ballad with a little Electronica and Trip Hop.  One of my favourites, melodious and Kelli's vocals are sweet. FELLOW MAN - Another hint to The Sneaker Pimps' style, atmospheric, mid t


MADONNA  "MUSIC" 2000 MUSIC - Madonna's eighth album for me, is her last really great album in my opinion.  This opening track was released as the second single form the album following "American Pie" (which was later added to certain versions of the album) and reached the accustomed number 1 spot in the UK chart once again.  A supercharged Pop track mixing Funk, Electronica, Dance and Disco it is one of Madonna's best tracks.  Featuring the infamous "Ali G" in the video it was a hit all over the globe. IMPRESSIVE INSTANT - Not one of my favourites, a bit too many effects and the vocoder vocals for me.  It is a mishmash of Electro Funk and Pop and doesn't really grab the listener either lyrically or musically. RUNAWAY LOVER - A frenetic William Orbit co-written and produced track that has potential, the chorus could be catchier if the backing wasn't so overpowering, it becomes an instrumental drum and bass track with vocals way back in t