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TURIN BRAKES "THE OPTIMIST LP"   2001     FEELING OBLIVION - Simply lovely opening track.  Reminiscent of The Everly Brothers and Simon and Garfunkel in its really sweet melodious harmonies.  Acoustic Folk Pop at its best. UNDERDOG (SAVE ME) - Slightly more leaning to a rockier sound with its chug-a-chug guitar strums.  Also a brilliant solo towards the end.  Love this song, one of the tracks that got me interested in the band.  It is chirpy, bright and makes you feel good, almost reminds me of The Monkees when they were serious about their songs.   EMERGENCY 72 - A kind of Jazz crooner-esque start with the vocals ahead of background music.  Then the music comes to the fore and and it turns into a 60s/70s style hippie sounding ballad. FUTURE BOY - Mystical and Asian influences here as well as a little Country Folk.  Not one of my favourites, this still fails to grab me for some reason. THE DOOR - 70s style Acoustic Classic Rock bal