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ERASURE "THE INNOCENTS" 1988     A LITTLE RESPECT - Classic sing-a-long at many parties even now.  New Wave Synth Pop at its best.  Acoustic guitar parts add a little extra to the electronic backing.  One of the band's most famous and best songs.     SHIP OF FOOLS - Quite wonderful emotive song, "Ship Of Fools", one of my favourites and a brilliant Synth Pop ballad.     PHANTOM BRIDE - Perfect 80s electronic Pop, catchy, bright and breezy and a nice positive uptempo number. CHAINS OF LOVE - Almost Motown Soul in structure but with an Electronic backing, again another memorable catchy chorus! HALLOWED GROUND -  Sounds a little like "A Little Respect" backing slowed down a touch but with mysterious ambience and downbeat vocals from Andy Bell.   SIXTY FIVE THOUSAND - A Jazzy almost Art Of Noise type track which you would probably hear on a detective show theme, a little like Dragnet maybe? HEART OF STONE -