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THE MISSION "CARVED IN SAND" 1990     AMELIA - Opener to the album and is a great song albeit the subject matter is child abuse.  Superbly written lyrics about a Amelia being "daddy's favourite girl" and daddy telling her not to tell mummy about it.  Disturbing theme but brilliantly crafted to get the message across very bluntly.  Ends with the line "damn your daddy to hell".  Harsh lyrics but great song with a good message! INTO THE BLUE - Similar to the songs on the debut album "God's Own Medicine", a stripped back mid tempo rocker making the most of Wayne Hussey's superb vocals and some Classic Rock guitars. BUTTERFLY ON A WHEEL - A great lilting Rock ballad delivered in Wayne's haunting, passionate vocal.  Emotional and epic.  One of my favourites from the band and a big dingle for them.     SEA OF LOVE - Starts with a very Eastern influence and merges into a similar vein to that of prev