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TRANSVISION VAMP "VELVETEEN" 1989     BABY I DON'T CARE - It was bold, brash, guitar riffs a plenty and Wendy giving her best angry vocal and a massively catchy sing along chorus! Guaranteed to get the party started with crashing guitar Punk Pop.     THE ONLY ONE -  Elements of Motown and Soul disguised in the throbbing, driving drums and guitars and memorable chorus.  A frenetic Punk Powerpop following on from the album opener, one of my favourites from The Vamp.   LANDSLIDE OF LOVE - A slower song than the previous two.  Again, the Motown and Soul elements were there but more at the forefront.  A really nice song that gives Wendy James chance to let go her sultry, seductive side in the vocals. FALLING FOR A GOLDMINE - Slow paced soft Blues/Country hybrid with hints of Punk.  Great chilled track. DOWN ON YOU -  Pure Punk Rock with Wendy snarling her way through the lyrics with pumping drums and guitars and electronics backing her wi