LET'S GO CRAZY - The abum opens with the famous church organ sounding out with a little Prince-like "sermon" before firing up a blistering funky Rock anthem that is one of my favourite songs by the man.  The single was the 2nd single release from the album and along with its B-side "Take Me With U" hit number 7 in the UK chart.  If previous releases wan't enough proof this track shows Prince the brilliant guitarist.


TAKE ME WITH U - As previously stated this was a double A-side of "Let's Go Crazy" which radio sometimes played as an alternative.  Sung as a duet with Apollonia Kotero (the female lead in the "Purple Rain" movie) with co-vocals by Jill Jones and Lisa Coleman.  A melodic easy going romantic track with strings bringing down the pace a bit after the opening track.

THE BEAUTIFUL ONES - One of Prince's most loved sexy, lustful, emotionally charged romantic ballads.  Although not filled with innuendos like previous Prince tracks this is an impassioned plea to a lover to choose between him and another.  Great song.

COMPUTER BLUE - An experimental epic Funk, Synth and Rock jam.  It is brilliant and wacky at the same time but has some awesome guitar parts and if anyone else but Prince made this we'd be wondering what is going on but its a superb track.

DARLING NIKKI - The infamous track which pretty much ordered the Parental Advisory stickers to be placed on records after Tipper Gore criticised the song for being too sexual dealing with female masturbation and various other sexual practices.  I find this censorship even more amusing now given what the rappers sing about, gang warfare and treating women like lower citizens.  Surely sex is not as bad as abuse and fighting?  Great song and typical Prince, not holds barred!

WHEN DOVES CRY - One of my all time favourite songs not just by Prince.  Its simplicity and hooks make it a superb song and as the first single from this set it reached number 4 in the UK chart. Led by a drum machine with no bass line this was a funk dance song with a difference.  One of Prince's best.

I WOULD DIE 4 U - A short track here, but a great song, great melody and funky beat.  The extended version of this track is immense and a much more punchy listen.  Released as the fourth single from the album only reaching number 58 in the UK chart, probably due to every household probably having the album by then|!

BABY, I'M A STAR - Weirdly put here before the title track as I think the film order was better.  In the film "Purple Rain" is played and everyone realise how great the Kid is and then he relaxes and celebrates with this track.  An awesome funk workout with all of The Revolution involved.  Funk excellence.

PURPLE RAIN - What more can be said of this track that hasn't been said already.  Its a classic Rock ballad of epic proportions.  The full version here needs to be heard to the end to feel the magnificence of the track.  It always annoyed me that the radio would cut off the song just before the guitar solos started.  The single did reach number 6 in the UK chart and now has more poignancy and sadness on hearing it since the great man's death.  This is pure genius and a classic in all music not just Rock.




AROUND THE WORLD IN A DAY - Prince's second album with The Revolution was a vast shift from "Purple Rain".  Those who expected part two of that album got a Psychedelic 60's feeling album and were not sure what to make of it.  This opening track was very hippie style but also had a weird Eastern influence to it.  As an intro its ok but not one of my favourites.

PAISLEY PARK - I love this track, its Psychedelic laid back, swaying 70s Rock works a treat with a sing along chorus and extra 60s style effects.  The single reached number 18 in the UK chart as the second single from this album.


CONDITION OF THE HEART - No Prince album is complete without the obligatory passionate ballad.  This piano led track with various effects and vocals is a nice track, very emotional but again not one of my favourites.

RASPBERRY BERET - A great track with a memorable chorus, not as Psychedelic as the previous tracks but a little funky and quirky.  The song was released as the lead single from the album and reached number 25 in the UK chart which I found remarkable as ts a great radio-friendly song.  One of my favourites.


TAMBORINE - A strange little track consisting of various percussion instruments which sounds like one of Prince's "filler" tracks.  It has a quirky charm and is almost a more over percussive track than the brilliant "Dance On" from "Lovesexy".

AMERICA - A great Funk Rock track, great guitars and an incessant beat.  Love this track especially the 21 minute extended mix which is pretty glorious!  Love this.  This track was only released in the USA not surprisingly.

POP LIFE - This track as a single only reached number 60 in the UK chart which is strange to me.  I can only assume a lot of people had the album already because this track is a great Pop song.  Maybe the narrative about celebrity stress leading to drug misuse swayed that decision not to play it on radio as much.  It was an attack on drug use not condonging it.  Not the first time Prince has been misunderstood!  

THE LADDER - A beautiful ballad referencing people looking for the ladder to heaven maybe or a way out of their real life problems.  Its one of Prince's greatest ballads in my opinon but I am sure others may disagree.

TEMPTATION - A blend of various styles and genes in one song.  Its sometimes glorious, sometimes crazy and frenetic and calm at the same time.  An unusual track that only Prince could compose but its like Marmite, you either love it or hate it!



CHRISTOPHER TRACY'S PARADE - This album is also the soundtrack to Prince's second movie "Under The Cherry Moon".  This opening track is a whimsical almost fairgound sounding intro to his character.  It pretty much carries on the Psychedelic style of the previous album "Around The World In A Day"

NEW POSITION - A mainly percussive track with Prince basically saying his woman needs a "new position", which we can all guess in what manner! As with a few of these tracks this is experimental and would appear fleetingly over scenes in the film.

I WONDER U - A repetitive vocal fronts a strange percussive backing with a little guitar twinkling sporadically.  For some reason this album is a lot of Prince's fans' favourite, but it lacks quality songs in my opinion and is a soundtrack album with a few gems.

UNDER THE CHERRY MOON - The title of the film and actually I quite like this track.  The first track to near 3 minutes and its a lazy, jazzy kind of number that keeps the listener engaged.

GIRLS & BOYS - The first of the "gems" I have previously referred to.  One of my favourite Prince tracks.  A neat slice of Funk with Eric Leeds' starring on saxophone.  Marie France seduces in French while Prince attempts a short rap.  Classy track.  Reached number 11 in the UK chart and was the fourth single to be released.


LIFE CAN BE SO NICE - Another experimental track that is repetitive and serves as a "filler" of sorts.

VENUS DE MILO - A short but beautifully played piano led piece.

MOUNTAINS - One of my favourites and a great track, the10 minute extended version is even better. This second single ridiculously only reached number 45 in the UK chart.  Another criminally ignored Prince track, surprising after the success of "Kiss".  It has Pop and Funk elements as well as some orchestral parts courtesy of Clare Fischer, more sax from Eric Leeds and trumpet from Atlanta Bliss.  Genius.

DO U LIE? - The character Christopher Tracy is a funny guy and this is a humorous, sarcastic song which is funny if you have seen the film. If you haven't this is just more experimental Prince!

KISS - The first single to be released from this album reached number 6 in the UK chart.  Its minimal, brash and sexy Funk charmed listeners who didn't know what to expect after the previous album.  Classic Prince.

ANOTHERLOVERHOLENYOHEAD - The third single released and only reaching number 36 on the UK chart.  Its singalong chorus and lazy Funk style is a hit with Prince fans and is one of my favourite tracks.  

SOMETIMES IT SNOWS IN APRIL - A beloved ballad and it has become more so since the death of Prince in 2016.  The line "Tracy died..." resonates with fans as they know who Tracy was.  Its a beautiful, soulful and emotional ballad.  Its up there with "Purple Rain" and "Still Would Stand All Time" for me.


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