PALOMA FAITH - 2009 - 2012 (2 ALBUMS)


STONE COLD SOBER - Great debut single from Paloma, has a slight Country twang but is deep in Blues Soul, a bit of everything with some awesome vocals.  Gave us a teaser for what was to come from the fearless singer.

SMOKE AND MIRRORS - A kind of 60s Pop feel to this track, a more laid back vocal this time.

BROKEN DOLL - A darkly soft ballad with a distinct Musical feel, Paloma again taking on different styles that has since become her trademark. A little Eartha Kitt or innocent quality of Marilyn Monroe.

DO YOU WANT THE TRUTH OR SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL? - Pure Soul Pop on this title track.  A beautifully (no pun intended) sung and almost 60s era style.

UPSIDE DOWN - A great Jazz/Soul hybrid, its fun, its slinky and delivered in the unmistakeable quirky Paloma Faith style.  Love this, its cool.  You can see the dancers sancing behind her in a vintage smoky bar.
ROMANCE IS DEAD - An emotional, lovely laid back Pop song, very sweet.

NEW YORK - Brilliant Pop Soul with a really nice, powerful Gospel chorus by the Souls of Prophecy Gospel Choir from London.

STARGAZER - Paloma plays the chanteuse/diva singing a big emotional ballad.  Chorus somehow reminds me of The Kids From Fame "Starmaker" a little.  Nice song.

MY LEGS ARE WEAK - This is a slow meandering song, not a favourite of mine and probably the least effective track on this amazing debut.  It just doesn't give me anything.  Its slow pace and big orchestral help doesn't make it memorable sadly.

PLAY ON - The final sog on a terrific debut album, the slightly more impetus and harmonies lift this to a bigger status than the previous song.  Not a top track but its a nice end to the album, it works but only just!



PICKING UP THE PIECES - Paloma's second album opens with this brilliant Pop Soul track.  A powerful vocal fronting a minimal backing track and choral backing vocals.  Big chorus and superbly emotionally charged lead sung by this talented lady. The first single from the album reached number 7 in the UK chart.  

30 MINUTE LOVE AFFAIR - This is a typical catchy 80s Pop styled track that is a nice, laid back song with an easy going beat.  The second single from the album only scraped to number 50 in the UK chart with suprised me as it is very radio-friendly.

BLACK & BLUE - A big R 'n B/Soul ballad echoing the great Motown female vocalists.  Powerful, passionate and emotional.  A single released as digital single only this would have easily reached the real UK charts high spots.  Brilliant song.

JUST BE - Another criminally ignored single only reaching number 66 in the UK chart.  A piano led almost Motown song with a little jazzy feel and some perfect vocals from Paloma.

LET ME DOWN EASY - Another powerful Soul vocal over a typical laid back Motown Blues backing.  A cover version of the 1965 song by Betty LaVette.

BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS - A pumping beat and an electro feel with Paloma singing almost her own tune over the top.  Disappointing, this is the music that this album is suposed to avoid.  Filler for me.

BEAUTY OF THE END - A ballad of sorts, an emotioanl vocal over the music that is put back into the mix.  Has a kind of unusual Folk vibe, great song, back to her best on this one.
WHEN YOU'RE GONE - Another anthemic Soul track, the Paloma way, big vocals, glorious emotion charged backing.  Nice.
AGONY - This reminds me a little of Gwen Stefani, a minimalist slow ballad but a lovely track.
LET YOUR LOVE WALK IN - Again Paloma's excellent vocal carries this track, it could fall into mediocrity but her voice keeps you interested.  Not her best but an average song.
FREEDOM - This is a great song despite the strange Trip Hop styled backing.  It is unusal but works due to the great chorus and the vocal.
STREETS OF GLORY - A passionate Orchestral sounding track, that tries to lift at times but just fails.  I guess this was supposed to be the last track filler before "Never Tear Us Apart" was added to later versions.  
NEVER TEAR US APART - Released as a single after the song got massive airplay during a John Lewis advertising campaign.  A great, moody, Pop Rock with a jazzy chanteuse vocal.  Brilliant cover of the INXS classic.   The track only reached number 16 on the UK chart.


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