TEARS FOR FEARS - 1983 - 1984 (2 ALBUMS)



THE HURTING - The duo's debut album opens with a typical 80s New Wave track, sometimes sombre and mysterious with a little Progressive Rock undertones.  Nice arrangements and attention grabbing on first listen.

MAD WORLD - An 80s classic in my opinion, the unmistakeable clanking percussion and the eerie vocals.  The third single from the album reaching number 3 on the UK chart.  A very mature Synth Pop/New Wave fusion with a simple but memorable chorus.

PALE SHELTER - The second single from the album and Tears For Fears' first top 10 hit reaching number 5 in the UK chart but only after a re-working and re-release.  One of my favourite tracks of the 80s and by the band.  It is a New Wave track with light, melancholic verses and a big chorus.  The harmonies and vocals are great on this.
IDEAS AS OPIATES - An atmospheric minimalist track with vocals set in the background of the music.  Medieval-like and choral at times but not a major track for me, filler seems more likely.

MEMORIES FADE - Interesting track this one, a great experimental mix of genres including Synth Pop, Rock, Electronica and Rock.  The mix works well and the vocals are intertwined to make it a unique track.

SUFFER THE CHILDREN - The introductory first single from the album just missing out on the top 50 in the UK chart reaching number 52.  It is pure Synth Pop and catchy reminding me a little of Ultravox.  I like this song and am surprised by its low reception.

WATCH ME BLEED - Reminiscent of Talk Talk this is an 80s New Wave Pop Rock track that is a decent song but not reaching the heights of "Mad World" and "Pale Shelter" so far.

CHANGE - The fourth single from this set and it continued the band's top 10 hits reaching number 4 in the UK chart.  Keeping the clanking percussion of "Mad World" but adding more New Wave guitars and effects this is a great track with a very simple chorus but again, still catchy! Love this one.

THE PRISONER - This is like a scary horror movie soundtrack with the odd lyric and various vocal shouts and screams.  Very eerie instrumental.

START OF THE BREAKDOWN - The album ends on this track, a musical mishmash of all the styles used on the album.  It's not a bad song but it doesn't have anything to lift it to bigger heights.  Still, it was a good debut from the boys.


SHOUT - The epic 6 and a half minutes version of the single that reached Number 1 in many countries globally.  One of the best and most well known songs from the duo.  This second album was more mature and heavier in sound starting with this song with its power chords and synths, guitar solo and a more rockier drumbeat.  Awesome and memorable track.

THE WORKING HOUR - A more soulful, melancholic song with piano and saxophone parts.  Similar to Spandau Ballet's soul style on "True" in 1983.  A really nice relaxing, mellow song, maybe a little long at over 6 minutes but nice all the same.

EVERYBODY WANTS TO THE RULE THE WORLD - Probably one of two most memorable songs by Tears For Fears along with "Shout".  Ultimate Pop New Wave, lots of instrumental parts, a catchy sing along chorus, a mega hit all around the world.

MOTHERS TALK - One of my favourites, a funky New Wave Pop Rock crossover.  Sampling, echo effects and guitar riffs make this the new edgier and creatively experimental Tears For Fears sound on this album.  

I BELIEVE - A lovely, laid back Jazz based Pop ballad.  Minimal and piano led it apparently was dedicated to singer songwriter Robert Wyatt.  The song was released as a live single subtitled "A Soulful Re-recording".  

BROKEN - A mostly experimental instrumental with a little snippet of the melody from the next track "Head Over Heels".  

HEAD OVER HEELS/BROKEN - Leading into a a little reprise of a live version of "Broken" this track is also one of my favourites.  Probably the most Pop Rock styled track off the album, its midtempo almost ballad like quality is really nice and the chorus is engaging.

LISTEN - An almost Classical orchestrated epic ending to the album.  The synths and guitars briefly contort to include effects and an operatic vocal backing by Marilyn Davis.  Eases your mind gently out of the album, nice if not as memorable as some of the tracks on this great second album.


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